sequencing re-invented a creative, non-linear polyphonic MPE gestural sequencing exploration. Complex non-repetitive expressive sequences with ease. Augment your musical ideas in a fun way.


concepts | features


eight voices mpe polyphony.

control pitch, velocity, pitch band, after touch, control change, duration, repeat/timing and probability with your gesture per voice.

poly in on all sides. poly pitch band & after-touch, control changes, polyrhythmic, poly inputs, poly…

it works as an MPE device even without MPE hardware.

thinking outside of a grid-based system.

option to add odd tempos/note values or combine a total free out of sync timings with the regular ones.

pitch spread – intelligent harmonic pitch distribution. 

precise per voice pitch-band range. gestures can create a subtle, constantly moving pitch banding or a more intense pitch cluster. 

open input. input anything from mouse gestures to ipad (mira) gestures or your mpe hardware device gestures. any data stream can be sonificated with a constantly evolving complex system. 

works also as an MPE gestural looper, the data can be transformed in real-time.

augmented music concepts: augment your musical ideas and add generative real-time variations. great also for live performances.

advance preset and morphing system, again with the gestural interaction.


please note that seqmperor is not a vst or au plugin but a max for live device, so it will only work as a plugin inside ableton live or as a standalone with the free version of max.

preorder at a lower price now.

system requirements

Apple computer with Core i5 – i7 processor, 8GB RAM, SSD HD, OSX 10.11.6 or later

Windows computer with Core i5 – i7 processor, 8GB RAM, SSD HD, WINDOWS 7 or later

A free version of the latest Max MSP 8

Ableton Live 10 with Max for Live support

To use the MPE option of seqMPEror Ableton Live 11 is required

supported platforms


Cycling74 MAX MSP (Standalone Patch)

Ableton Live (M4L – MaxForLive Plugin Device)

check also our other device GranuRise.