Immerse yourself into endless granular explorations. Get GranuRise now for 49 EUR + TAX

GranuRise is Max Msp and Max for Live granular synth, based on a non-conventional creative synthesis and sample modules that enables immersive sonic interaction and lets you create complex morphing sound structures intuitively.


Gestural control that feels less like software and more like an instrument

Thinking outside of a grid – based environment

Expressive interaction with the software

Semi-prepared generative structures with real-time interaction

Real-time audio processing and transformation

Control each grain independently | pitch, volume, filter…

Draw your own window function

Mix between engines: Granular | Spectra | Sample | Synth | Effect

More than 100 evolving layers & textures can create a final sound design

All layers as a sound source for the pitch transformation – without altering the speed of the sound

MIDI | MPE | Mira | Roli Blocks integration

Advanced preset recalling and morph options combined with the gesture feature

Complex sound design using your own gesture without complex matrices and advanced lfo settings

Sound demos







Waveform section

Mixer section

Edit | Module section

Preset | Morph section

Mixer | Master section

The X & Y sliders simultaneously control the volume and pan. Mixing each of the sound modules can create some highly complex, dynamic & spatially evolving textures.
Colors define which type of sound module | engine is used.

Granular | Spectra module

The main modules for granular synthesis using an advanced real-time gesture interaction

Waveform section

Sliders on the waveform can control three GranuRise engines – Granular | Spectra | Sample. The yellow sliders define the position (X-axis) & the range (Y-axis) for the granular transformation. The viola slider defines the position for the spectra transformation and the green slider defines the loop range of the sample.

Gesture feature

Record your gesture at the moment you press on the waveform.

Releasing the waveform will start the seamless playback of your movement.

The gesture now becomes an expressive element in a live or sound design interaction.

The speed of your gesture acts as an LFO based on your movement.

Edit each grain-voice independently

A new and interesting approach to granular synthesis developed in GranuRise is the ability to control each grain independently.

Freely control the pitch | volume | filter of each of the 16 grains, giving you the potential to create complex sounds.

Grain Sequncer

In sequencer mode, each granular voice represents one step of the sequence. Altering the pitch | volume | filter creates complex sequenced patterns. Interact and change the sequence range, step duration &  sequence direction.

Sample module

Add additional samples | loops to your sound design. These Samples form additional textures and layers using the MC concept introduced in Max 8

Besides the main sample used for the granular part, you can add an oscillator or additional sample based sound source.
All sound sources can be transformed with the Max MSP MC option, which lets you sculpt your sound even further with the harmonic, subharmonic or deviate functions.
You can then mix between the four sources with the circular morph controller which can be automated with your gesture.

Granular Synth engine

Create complex sound textures by blending between four sample-based sound sources and four morphing oscillators

Morphing oscillators

FM oscillator
samples as an FM carrier or modulator
Oscillator 1 – sine based
Oscillator 2 – saw based
Noise oscillator

Morph between the four oscillators with the gesture feature

Synthesized sample-based sound sources

The designed sound from all the sample-based modules can be used as a polyphonic voice for the synth engine.

Effect module

Spice up your sound design with some interesting effects

Four different types of Effects – Chorus, Digital/Tape delay, Reverb with a Shimmering option & a Ladder type filter.
The 1st three effects feature an ON-OFF switch that can be automated & can create some interesting pulsing rhythmic effects. Effects are routed in parallel or serial order.
Create atypical effects by morphing all the FX parameters with the preset & gestural morph function.

Preset | Morph section

Presets as generative evolving semi-sound structures

Store, recall & morph your waveform position & range and vast parameters within the edit-submodule section.

This results in interesting evolving semi-structured forms to interact within a live situation or sound design process.
The recall section includes a step sequencer, which recalls each preset based on the master tempo & note value.

In the morph section morph btw presets & automate this process with the gesture feature. Applying the gesture to the different edit-submodule sections creates some really complex and constantly evolving generative structures.


iPad MIRA integration

Offers a mirrored GranuRise interface on the iPad with multi-touch interaction and even more intuitive gestural control. Note that the MIRA integration only works with the iPad MIRA app and not MIRA Web.

MIDI Integration

It supports all MIDI devices. On certain devices Bi-Directional MIDI visual representation is also supported (e.g. MIDI Twister Fighter)

MPE integration

Sculpt your sound and play it expressively per note. With the MPE matrix, you can control every aspect of the sound sources per voice using the Poly-aftertouch (Press) or the CC74 (Slide). Control the volume, pulse width modulation, filter, and even the waveshape type. Control the density and the position of the grains.

Roli Blocks integration

GranuRise takes full advantage of the Roli Blocks modular approach and lets you control each section of GranuRise. Thanks to the X, Y & Z controls on the Blocks, the volume, pan & filter are controlled simultaneously for all the 16 granular voices. This is a seamless integration between the hardware & the software.

GranuRise in the wild

GranuRise has been presented in the form of a concert, live performance, lecture or sound art installation in various festivals and institutions such as the Harvard Music Department, Harvard Radcliffe Institute, Cycling 74 EXPO (MASS MoCA), ADC 2019 – Audio Developer Conference, Conservatory of Music Benedetto Marcello Venice, Agon Milano, Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art Ljubljana and many others.


Finalist at MIDI Innovation Awards 2021
“Non-conventional granular musings and immersive sonic interaction pour out of this strange and engaging complex sound morphing machine”

Presentations | Interviews | Reviews

GranuRise Presentation at the Harvard Music Department, conducted by professor Hans Tutschku.
GranuRise Presentation & Concert at the Harvard Radcliffe Institute
An interview about GranuRise at the unique Art + Music + Technology Podcast
At the ADC 19, GranuRise has gained a huge interest from many developers and has even been privately presented to Apple audio developers.
GranuRise: A granular synthesizer for MPE instruments Music Hackspace presentation
A nice review by the essential musicians, producers and engineers platform GEARNEWS

GranuRise Artists

uses GranuRise to create granular textures
Danish American Contemporary Classical Composer uses GranuRise for his compositions
Sound designer, audio editor and music composer has created some unique Sample packs with GranuRise for MODE AUDIO
Oscar-winning, Grammy-nominated Audio Engineer/Producer uses GranuRise for film composing and sound design
Uses GranuRise to manipulate her choir – Carmina Slovenica

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Immerse yourself into endless granular explorations. Get GranuRise now for 49 EUR + TAX

System Requirements

Apple computer with Core i5 – i7 processor, 8GB RAM, SSD HD, OSX 10.11.6 or later

Windows computer with Core i5 – i7 processor, 8GB RAM, SSD HD, WINDOWS 7 or later

A free version of the latest Max MSP 8

Ableton Live 10 with Max for Live support

To use the MPE option of GranuRise Ableton Live 11 is required

Supported platforms

Cycling74 MAX MSP (Standalone Patch)

Ableton Live (M4L – MaxForLive Plugin Device)

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